Published Philippines Article explaining the beginning of GNSA

Friday, May 29, 2009

Significance of GNSA

What’s wrong about our Community is what’s right about our Community!

What does this mean?

What’s wrong within our communities is the lack of any or very little substantial and significant follow through and/or support for the most precious resources in the world, our youth.

What’s right within our communities are the 5 seeds * or components which exist, but in most cases, on paper only…most communities talk about investing in our youth but do not substantially or boldly create a significant appropriated budget for funding or investing in programs and projects that support and encourage our youth to become productive citizens within their Global Neighborhood/community.

For any community in any country to be successful, productive, and supportive to its citizens, especially their youth, they must create and implement an effective support system for 5 essential components or GNSA seeds*

    1. Each community, each country claims to have elements of Compassion for their citizens.
    2. Each community, each country claims to have some sort of Multicultural Awareness through Literacy, Art, and Music expressed by their citizens
    3. Each community, each country claims to have Environmental Education and are invested in preserving our environment, our home, on some level
    4. Each community, each country practices some level of Spirituality, especially in times of peril.
    5. Each community, each country claims to acknowledge the importance of maintaining a Healthy balance of nutrition, emotion, physical fitness, and overall health.


  • Compassion in Action
  • Multicultural Awareness through Literacy, Art, and Music
  • Environmental Education Awareness
  • Spirituality
  • Health

When one or more of these 5 seeds are not in balance within a community, we witness the negative repercussions in forms of violence, drugs, gangs, decline of family values along with the unfortunate implications of poverty.

We can not depend solely on politicians, government programs or a long established welfare system to help empower our neighbors locally or globally. Our neighborhood, our community, our country is only as successful as the efforts and support practiced by individuals.

Our youth are the most precious resource within each of our communities here on earth. We must invest our time, effort and funds to empower, support, and motivate our youth. Our youth will be painting our future. Our youth will be designing our future. Our youth are the individuals who will be leading our human existence into the future as we know it, for generations to come. How can we NOT help empower, support, motivate, and significantly invest in our youth?

GNSA helps create a community of networkers to empower, support, and motivate while providing a structure to invest and nurture one or more of the 5 GNSA seeds within any committed Global Neighborhood/community. GNSA will empower and support Global Neighborhoods who demonstrate a committed community of businesses, committed family members with family values, along with committed and motivated youth.

Our youth must be encouraged and motivated to be an active part within their neighborhood. Our youth must be encouraged and motivated to be curious and creative within their Global Neighborhood. The 5 GNSA seeds provide structured guidelines for our youth as they are being nurtured, cultivated, and supported by the adults and leaders within committed Global Neighborhoods/communities.

There are many groups actively supporting similar philosophies which include one or more of the 5 GNSA seeds as listed above. Some groups loose their focus and often become ineffective; while other similar groups to GNSA are making a true difference within Global Neighborhoods or communities and individual lives. There can never be too many “groups” such as GNSA. We need to continue to focus on and support the 5 GNSA seeds within our communities and strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Each of us can be an Ambassador within our own neighborhood reaching out to others as we explore, discover, and learn through the concept of the ripple effect of how JUST ONE can help begin to make a world of difference.

It is time that we provide our youth with an opportunity to learn and demonstrate to their Global Neighborhood/community that we are all connected on a global level. It is time to provide our youth an opportunity to learn the facts about what we do in our local neighborhoods, eventually affects our friends within our international GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOODS on earth, our home.

GNSA is NOT a give away program. BALANCE IS THE KEY. When something is received, something is given. “Pay it forward” in the spirit of true giving and receiving. Not expecting something back but rather receiving an enriched experience for becoming involved. It’s the Journey, not the Destination which is where the valued lessons come from. This type of giving/receiving builds and cultivates an essence of self worth – being able to receive and give as described above is truly powerful and an everlasting lifetime experience.

Come and join us to take part of a HUGE ripple effect! It only takes JUST ONE to begin the ripple effect and begin to make a world of difference!

I look forward to your response.


Robert A. Yerzy, Co-Founder